Marvel vs. Capcom Lets Loose New Gameplay Footage of ‘Monster Hunter’ DLC Character

In a recent article, we covered the launch of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite this past Tuesday, along with the announcement of the identities of the game’s six DLC characters. Among those were Venom and Black Widow, along with Capcom’s Monster Hunter.


Today, Marvel vs. Capcom released a trailer showcasing gameplay of the Monster Hunter series’ upcoming character. Resembling a female monster hunter with a variety of weapons, the eponymously-named Monster Hunter takes on a specific persona, created for a character of a franchise that lends little in the way of identity to its player characters.

But though hearing the character speak and throw out catchy lines may be a little strange, the character itself looks fairly versatile. The gameplay trailer in question showcases what appear to be some long combos, especially with special moves thrown in. Monster Hunter makes a quick switch from greatsword to dual daggers to bow, and the unfortunate characters on the receiving end appear to have little agency to react to the beat-up. The trailer is also notable in giving us what appears to be an instance of ‘super armor’ in Monster Hunter’s character.


All assessments of the new character aside, footage of Monster Hunter has come much sooner than expected, and this bodes well for the other DLC characters we haven’t seen yet. It may be that we will the first footage of Venom and Black Widow very soon.

For more information, see the Monster Hunter gameplay trailer below:

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