New Super Mario Odyssey Footage Shows Off New Areas Of Three Kingdoms

Previously unseen areas of three Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey have been shown off in direct-feed footage, thanks to several media outlets.

With just over a month left until launch, many in the gaming media scene are starting to get more and more hands on time with the biggest holiday title straight from Nintendo. While initial demos of the game simply included gameplay from both the Metro and Sand Kingdoms, journalists such as GameXplain, IGN, and Game Informer have recently gotten the chance to go in depth with the Cap, Luncheon, and Seaside Kingdoms, offering fans a new look into each.

This massive amount of footage also marks the first in-game use anyone has seen of the newly announced Snapshot Mode, allowing players to freeze-frame Mario and the world around him for the perfect photo-op. Interestingly enough, the demonstrations have also yielded knowledge of specific camera filters for the mode, including ones for graphics based on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and original Game Boy.

Mixed in with the coverage of each new area, it has also been confirmed that Cap Kingdom is — as many have speculated — the starting point of Super Mario Odyssey. Following a fight with Bowser caught mid-kidnapping of Peach, Mario is thrown from the Koopa King’s airship, only to end up knocked unconscious in the strange hat-based land. It is at this time that Mario meets his partner Cappy, and together they work towards locating a functioning airship (The Odyssey) in the next Kingdom over. Which Kingdom might this be? Nobody knows quite yet.

Footage of this intro setting can be seen below, thanks to direct-feed footage from YouTube channel Gamersyde. Last week, we reported on all the juicy Super Mario Odyssey details from Nintendo’s latest Direct, hyping up the game’s October 27 release that much more.

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