Monster Hunter: World Set To Unleash On January 26

Considered by many to be a show-stopper of E3 2017, developer Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World will launch globally early next year.

Initially confirmed for PlayStation 4 during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show presentation, the simultaneous release was later established for the Xbox One as well. The official trailer also shows off previously unseen footage, giving fans a glimpse into the story, customization options, and even more exotic creatures found within the clearly massive title.

As speculated amongst long time followers of the series, Monster Hunter: World looks to be an almost entirely new endeavor into the open world RPG genre of gaming for Capcom and especially the series as a whole. While previous installments have featured a spice of open area exploration, World is seemingly expanding that idea, while also streamlining the traditional Monster Hunter UI, combat system, and quest system.

Monster Hunter: World has also been confirmed for release on PC down the line, yet no timetable has been given. Also revealed in the trailer, players will receive the “Origin Set” armor and “Fair Wind Charm” if they choose to purchase the game early.

To top it all off, Capcom will also be sending to market a Digital Deluxe Edition of the anticipated title, as well as a physical Collector’s Edition. The Digital Deluxe package, priced at $69.99, will include a download code for the game, a “Samurai Set” skin, two sticker sets, three gestures, face paint and hairstyle options, and 14 weapon avatars for use exclusively on PS4.

Thus, as expected for the higher priced $149.99 Collector’s Edition, players will receive a physical version of the game with download codes for all of the materials included in the Digital Deluxe — but with a hardcover art book, monster statue, and digital soundtrack code to boot, all contained within a special Monster Hunter: World Collector’s Edition box.

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