‘Episode Shadow’ Add-On Content Confirmed for Sonic Forces At Launch 

Shadow the Hedgehog will be playable for at least three levels in Sonic Forces — thanks to free add-on content coming to the game at launch.

Following a leak of the content to the Microsoft online storefront this morning, SEGA has already confirmed the existence of Episode Shadow: an extra campaign that makes Shadow the fourth playable character. According to the YouTube video description, this content will act as a prequel to Sonic Forces, explaining the “fate” of Team Dark, Shadow’s allegiance in the game, and villain Infinite’s origins.

Already, however, there appears to be some confusion over the length of said content. While the tweet published by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account states that only three stages are playable, the original Microsoft listing says that ten of Modern Sonic’s stages are also included in Episode Shadow. As such, it is likely that only three levels are “reimagined” for Shadow, while an additional ten will be playable as well.

In addition, it was confirmed today that pre-orders will go live shortly for those who wish to purchase the game digitally on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, with PC versions going live on Thursday. Digital variations will also receive the special pre-order edition content previously revealed by SEGA.

Sonic Forces is slated to hit shelves on November 7 for all of these platforms in addition to the Nintendo Switch.

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