More ‘Arcade Archives’ Titles Revealed in This Week’s Issue of Famitsu

In an article last week, we covered the announcement of Nintendo’s Arcade Archives series being made for the Nintendo Switch. Though it was a relatively small announcement, we now have more information on some of the series’ planned titles.


Thanks to a picture from this week’s issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, we’ve been given an early look into what is likely to be a later, with official reveals of more Arcade Archives titles. Alongside the release of Mario Bros., Punch-Out and a few others, we now know that Excitebike, Urban Champion and Wrecking Crew will also be joining the lineup.

No information has yet been revealed as to the release dates of any of these titles, aside from the first. Arcade Archives: Mario Bros. launches on September 27, and it is likely we will have more information by or before then.

In the meantime, here’s the video from the Arcade Archives announcement from last week’s Nintendo Direct:

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