Three New Characters Introduced For BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

2D fighting game Developer Arc System Works has revealed three more characters coming to their upcoming 2v2 crossover title, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

In the first of what appears to be an ongoing series of character introduction trailers, fighters Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue, Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 Arena, and Linne from Under Night In-Birth have all been confirmed as playable. Each character brings with them a moveset similar to what they possess in their games of origin, but are now able to combo such abilities with a partner thanks to the new tag battle strategy.

Interestingly enough, the trailer concludes with a mention of “1st Impact in October”, as well as the voice of previously confirmed fighter Ragna the Bloodedge blurting “You can’t be…?!” as the footage cuts out. This could either hint at the next character reveals coming as soon as October, or possibly even a beta period becoming available, seeing as how the game is not slated to release until 2018.

Previously, we reported on the announcement of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle back in mid-July, as well as confirmation of the first four fighters revealed for the crossover.

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