Kirby: Battle Royale Bursts Onto 3DS On January 19

To cap off his 25th anniversary, lovable pink blob Kirby not only got a game announced for the Switch — but one for 3DS as well: Kirby: Battle Royale.

The newest installment in the long line of Kirby series titles for the Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles was revealed during last Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. Similar to some of the previous smaller Kirby titles or apps to launch on the system, Battle Royale looks to be very multiplayer based, offering a multitude of modes for players to claim dominance in.

Unlike the cooperative nature of Kirby Star Allies, which was later announced for the Nintendo Switch, this 3DS counterpart is being marketed as an entirely competitive endeavor. As such, the game will feature both online and local connectivity to up to four other 3DS owners, while also offering single player content against AIs.

In line with a recent trend amongst 3DS titles as well, it has been confirmed that Kirby: Battle Royale will not have stereoscopic 3D view.

During the presentation, Nintendo also unveiled a new poll to determine longtime Kirby fans’ favorite copy abilities over the series’ long history. According to the company, the ability with the most votes will receive a custom 3DS wallpaper and theme, as well as potentially showing up in Kirby: Battle Royale when the title launches early next year.

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