Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Set to Launch December 1; Special Edition and Pro Controller Announced

Defying the odds, Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch’s next major JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, will release just before the end of the year.

Coming as a surprise to many who thought the game had no shot of being finished by years end, the December release date was finally pinned down during Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. This announcement followed a trailer and long gameplay demonstration, showing what fans of the series and JRPG’s alike will be glued to this holiday season.

Due to the size and hefty task of translating the game for western release, skeptics considered that the title had an uphill battle to actually be seen this year. However, judging from the depth of the expanded overview, it is clear that the game is nearing completion. The video segment includes crucial information pertaining to the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, character and weapon combinations, and the combat system.

To boot, a special edition version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 –as well as a themed pro controller — have been announced and will be available on December 1 as well.

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