Sonic Forces Promotional Trailer Highlights New Story Details

A Japanese trailer for Sonic Forces that surfaced two days ago has shed some more light on the story of the blue blur’s upcoming title — showcasing some never-before-seen cutscenes.

While no dubbed version has been published, YouTube channel Woun has been kind enough to provide a translated version. While including some gameplay, the video is mostly comprised of story cutscenes, which also feature a couple areas that have yet to be seen until now.

The footage draws the focus onto the war between Eggman’s army and the resistance fighters, who are made up of Sonic and his pals. Previously, the origin of the new villain character Infinite has been unknown, but the intro now hints that he is actually created by Eggman himself, reminding some fans of how long-time rival Shadow was developed as the “ultimate life form” by Gerald Robotnik, his grandfather. In addition, Eggman states that his plan will succeed in three days, at which time all of the heroes will supposedly “disappear”, potentially lending some idea of the timeframe in which Sonic’s newest adventure will play out. To combat this, the resistance has call on the help of the player’s avatar character, who is seen being cheerfully supported by Knuckles.

Speaking of Knuckles, a separate promotional audio clip has been published and translated by Woun once again that reveals the red echidna as the leader of the resistance forces. To fit the part, the long-time “frienemy” of Sonic is seen leading the charge in one scene, even standing ahead of Sonic.

Sonic Forces is expected to launch for Nintendo Switch, PC. PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in North America on November 9. A couple weeks ago, we reported on the confirmation of a special pre-order edition of the game, which will include avatar costumes based on other SEGA and Atlus Games IPs.

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