The Minigames I Hope To See in ‘Mario Party: The Top 100’

Some candidates for the final 35 minigames

Mario Party: The Top 100 was announced two days ago and it has a lot of people excited. The new Mario Party title features 100 minigames from across the series, and thanks to the efforts of at least one Twitter user, we now know 65 of the 100.


The list above comes from all of the images we’ve seen so far, and not from any sort of official announcement. Screencaps of each of these minigames have been seen in promotional videos and in the background of the game’s official site. Alongside the new Mario Party’s claim that it will feature “the top 100 minigames” from across the series, everyone’s been quick for their own favorites among the promotional material.

Alongside those already revealed, here are a few I hope to see in the complete list:


1. Fish Upon A Star (Mario Party 5)

My favorite Mario Party minigame of all time. In this brawler, players fight atop a tiled stone star as it quickly crumbles around them, the situation not being helped by cheep-cheeps falling from the sky. When the fish don’t hit a player, stunning them, they hit the stage, breaking more off. The goal is to be the last one standing, but my friends and I always had fun just trying to survive as long as possible.


2. Skyjinks (Mario Party 9)

While Mario Party isn’t a platformer, this game is a nice test of one’s skill in keeping one’s footing. The rotating platforms are bound to make anybody a little dizzy, and the variance in platforms is a welcome dash of chaos in the mix.


3. Cut from the Team (Mario Party 8)

There’s no skill to winning this one; it’s all about chance. In this minigame, players take turns cutting one of ten ropes, three of which will get you thrown off the edge. The game only gets more exciting the longer it goes on, as each rope cut has a higher chance to be the one to throw you off. Cut from the Team is probably the tensest minigame I’ve played, and I love it for precisely that reason.


4. Bumper Balloon Cars (Mario Party 2)

The goal of this minigame is to pop the ball on the back of your opponents’ bumper cars. Of course, this is easier said than done, considering the cars have some pretty slippery controls. While this is typically a fast game, it’s a mad dash from start to finish.


5. Foo Me Once (Mario Party 10)

Think you can remember a seven-number sequence in two seconds? That’s what this game is. While memory certainly helps, everyone usually winds up guessing one of the levels. The trick is knowing what to remember and how to remember that information.

What do you think? Any titles I forgot to mention? Any others you might like to see instead? Let me know in the comments below, and in the meantime, stay tuned for more Mario Party: The Top 100 news.

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