Lyn Confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors; Caeda and Navarre Spotted

The sword wielding lady of the plains, Lyn, has joined the roster of Fire Emblem Warriors in a new trailer that also points towards the inclusion of two more classic characters.

The fan-favorite’s inclusion in the Koei Tecmo developed game was revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Fully named Lyndis of the Lorca, gameplay points towards her use of both sword and speed to quickly disband waves of foes in a timely fashion.

Deemed one of the most popular heroes across series history, Lyn’s appearance in Warriors comes as a surprise, as it seemingly contradicts the developer’s previous comments on which characters would be showing up in-game. Previously, it was believed that the roster would pull from only Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Fates. Lyn, the newest addition to the roster, comes from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, thoroughly throwing these beliefs for a loop.

Although multiple official trailers were posted for the game following the footage from the Direct, the video published to Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel appears slightly different. Near the 1:19 to 1:20 mark of the video, what appears to be Caeda from Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon can be seen in the background, along with the shoulder of a character believed to be Navarre from the same game. This doesn’t confirm either character as playable, yet it is likely given that they are in a main story cutscene and have animated in-game models.

Given the inclusion of Lyn and seemingly Caeda as heroes in the game, one would assume this gives credibility towards a supposed leaked boxart that surfaced a couple days ago that featured both characters. However, out of the five unannounced characters with images on the box, Navarre is not one of them, which halts the leak from being outright confirmed. The other three characters were noted as being Celica, Tiki, and Ana. In addition, the official Fire Emblem Warriors teaser site has been updated to include an animated sprite of Lyn, which perfectly matches the sprite included on the leak.

Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to launch on Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20. Details about the contents of the special physical collector’s edition can be found here.

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