Kelp Dome, Snapper Canal, and Tenta Brella Weapon Coming to Splatoon 2

The party isn’t stopping with Splatoon 2, as inklings will soon be armed with a new Brella type weapon to take on two maps — one old and one new.

As captured by YouTube channel GameXplain, the new information about upcoming content for the popular Switch multiplayer shooter was revealed during last night’s Nintendo Direct. It featured a look at returning fan-favorite map Kelp Dome, a new underpass map named Snapper Canal, and introduced a a Brella type weapon with a much larger area of defensive coverage.

Although Kelp Dome looks mostly unchanged at a quick glance, Nintendo explains that more grated metal walkways and inkable surfaces have been added, allowing for even more coverage of an already massive map. As for Snapper Canal, ¬†the key factor of controlling the match will be crossing the long river that splits the stage in two, allowing access to the enemy team’s base.

Similar to the stages, the Tenta Brella looks to bring an interesting change to turf wars and ranked battles alike. Unlike other types in its class, this Brella seems to have a longer shot range, but also casts a much wider defensive barrier when held out as well. Certainly, this should influence the meta of certain modes and maps, as a team of 2 or more would seemingly be able to lock down a specific area quite well if placed into capable hands.

Confirmed during the presentation, Kelp Dome will be hitting the map rotation in Splatoon 2 tomorrow, September 15. No release dates were mentioned for Snapper Canal or the new weapon, however.

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