Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition Launched Immediately After Nintendo Direct

And that brings the tally of Minecraft ports up to...

If there’s one game to rival Skyrim for the most ports across all systems, it’s Minecraft. And with yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Minecraft released yet another port.


As part of the most recent Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Minecraft would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

The 3DS version includes both the Survival and Creative modes of play, as well as five unique skin packs and two texture packs. It also enables the ability to play with or without a touch screen, choosing between buttons or touch controls. While the game itself certainly isn’t anything new, the streamlined 3DS format would seem to be pretty well-polished.


The surprise announcement was further compounded by the port’s immediate surprise release, which saw its entrance into the Nintendo eShop immediately after the Nintendo Direct. Of course, it wasn’t the only surprise, as ARMS: Version 3.0 launched after the Direct as well.

Though the digital version of Minecraft is currently available for purchase for $29.99, the packaged version of Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition will launch at an undetermined, later date.

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