Super Mario Odyssey: New Kingdoms, Story Details, Transformations, Modes, And More

In just over seven minutes, Nintendo has blown the lid off of Super Mario Odyssey — spilling forth a plethora of juicy, previously unknown details about the potential “game of the year” candidate.

Capping off tonight’s Nintendo Direct, the footage and narration from the game’s Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi not only elaborated on points previously showcased, but also unveiled new factoids that were either entirely unknown or slightly hinted at. And with Mario’s next adventure set to begin in just over a month, it is the largest information dump to date.

Although we had previously theorized that the clearly sentient tiara on Peach’s head in recently revealed artwork was evil, it turns out the opposite is in fact the case, as the tiara given to Peach is actually confirmed to be Cappy’s sister — who was abducted by Bowser as well. Together, Mario and his newfound partner must travel the globe in order to save both of their loved ones from an arranged marriage with the Koopa King himself.

Speaking of travel, what is seemingly the hub-world map for Mario’s globetrotting quest was displayed for the first time. In it, the player can choose which kingdom or part of the globe they want to travel to in the mustachioed hero’s airship — but there’s a catch. The Odyssey utilizes the power moons collected in each kingdom as fuel, meaning that certain kingdoms that are farther away will require more and more moons.

As for these kingdoms, at least three “new” areas were shown off, with two being named. Although fans have caught glimpses of the names and themes before, these were revealed as the Snow Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom, each receiving a small bit of gameplay footage. However, in addition to these two, Koizumi also teased an upcoming world centered around a tropical island.

In the midst of each of these kingdoms, Mario will find seemingly countless creatures and objects to interact with, and even more, transform into. Using his “capture” ability granted by Cappy, Mario can now take control of Lakitu and what appears to be a colorful version of Wiggler.

On top of these enemies and kingdom residents, players can also seek out the assistance of specific characters in locating power moons. Since their are easily over 50 in the Sand Kingdom alone — judging from the trailer — there are bound to be many hidden or tougher to find. Individuals such as a fedora wearing bird named Talkatoo, a glasses wearing Hint Toad, or even what seems to be a talking robot named Uncle Amiibo will be able to help Mario along his way with a type of payment or by scanning in an Amiibo figurine.

Aside from transformations, Mario’s wide array of outfits continue to be a key factor in Super Mario Odyssey. As demonstrated in past presentations, some costumes will be necessary to unlock certain portions or missions of the game, and these don’t just stop at kingdom specific attire. Players will also have access to an assortment of Mario’s many outfits over his long history, ranging from the former plumber’s catalog of titles. These include Painter Mario from Mario Paint, Dr. Mario, Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker, and his Super Mario Bros. design from 1985, just to name a few.

As a bit of a surprise, Nintendo has also revealed that Odyssey will feature a convenient method for players to document their momentous journey with what is being called “Snapshot Mode”. With this functionality, wanna-be photographers can halt Mario and the world in freeze-frame, allowing for camera controls to line up the perfect shot.

As Koizumi notes in the video itself, this encourages fans to share their adventure on social media, or even to craft up the perfect phone background.

It should be noted as well, noticeable visual improvements have seemingly been integrated into this newest footage of the game, indicating just how far the development on Odyssey has come. Below, a comparison between the past and newest versions of the scene where Peach reaches out for Mario can be seen.

Finally, at the conclusion of the demonstration, some time was spent on the goodies that will be releasing on October 27 alongside Super Mario Odyssey to commemorate the game’s release. In addition to the three wedding themed Amiibo of Mario, Peach, and Bowser, it was also revealed that a special Super Mario Odyssey Edition Nintendo Switch console bundle is being produced.

This hardware bundle looks to include the Nintendo Switch system itself with red joycon, an Odyssey themed carrying case, and a digital download for the game itself.

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