(UPDATED) ‘Mario Party: The Top 100’ is Nintendo’s New Mobile Mario Party Game

Mario Party is back, and this time it’s likely ditching all the cars for something a little more mobile.

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Mario Party: The Top 100 is a Mario Party all about the minigames, featuring everyone’s favorite titles.

UPDATE (09/14): That being said, the board game function hasn’t entirely disappeared. Though we have yet to see how this will work out exactly, the main page of the official site for Mario Party: The Top 100 references the existence of board-game play. No board games sections were seen in the Nintendo Direct, so this news was surprising for everyone.

Planned for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the new title features the top 100 minigames from across the Mario Party series. And in true Mario Party fashion, it allows for up to four players, with only one game cartridge necessary to do so.

What’s more is that, though this is the first news we’ve heard of the game, the title will be releasing soon, with a relatively quick release date of November 10.

For more information, see the game’s announcement trailer in full below:


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