Wolfenstein II and Doom Coming to Nintendo Switch

Skyrim was expected, but not this

As part of the recent Nintendo Direct, it has now been revealed that Bethesda has two other games coming to the Switch within the next year or so: Doom and Wolfenstein II.


Both of the games are surprise releases for the Nintendo Switch, both in the sense that it’s not the kind of title one might expect for a Nintendo system and in that even the upcoming Wolfenstein II hasn’t seen any prior mention of the port—or even any real, general interest.

Fans may remember that the newest Doom title was released way back in May of 2016. The game was met with lots of praise then, but it’s yet to be seen whether this kind of release can succeed on the Switch. Wolfenstein II is a similar sort of animal, so it’s likely that the success of one will determine the other.

While official release dates are yet pending, Doom has been slated for release this holiday season. Wolfenstein II, on the other hand, will be released sometime later, in 2018.


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