Junkertown Coming to Overwatch on September 19

Junkertown — the newest payload map coming to Overwatch — will be accessible on the live client of the game starting a week from now.

Today, the game’s development team at Blizzard published a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of the Aussie post-apocalyptic setting, which also confirmed the map’s worldwide release date. Three key locations in the map were also identified, being Roadhog’s farmhouse just outside the city, Junkertown proper, and The Scrapyard which houses the giant propeller seen in previous videos.

With the release date set at September 19, it would mark a whole 21 days of Junkertown having gone through testing on Overwatch’s PTR server. Most likely, this date will also be when the large reworks to characters Mercy and D.VA that have been present on the test realm will be implemented into the live client, certain to shake up the “meta” of the game to some degree. 

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