Atomega: A Surprise FPS from the Makers of Grow Home and Grow Up

While we were waiting for Bethesda’s next, unannounced title to be released this year, Ubisoft went ahead and gave us a surprise title of their own.


Atomega is the next title to be released by Reflections, the Ubisoft studio that brought us Grow Home and Grow Up, and it’s to be released in only a little over a week from now.

Billed as a “fun and fast-paced multiplayer shooter,” Atomega features a contest that takes place at the end of the universe, at the death of time. A multiplayer first-person shooter, Atomega sees players compete for victory using a variety of forms. Literally.

Though players begin as ‘Atoms’; tiny squares with a single, reticle-shaped iris on the front; as they defeat other players and explore the arena, they will gather Mass and evolve through eight different ‘Exoforms’ as they grow larger, shifting through a spectrum from lowly Atom to the super-powered ‘Omega.’


Each Exoform is supposed to have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as tactical advantages and disadvantages, meaning it shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to be stuck at a lower form. For instance, though Omega is recognized as the dominant form, it’s also supposed to be the largest target. And with matches including up to eight players and running off a ten-minute timer, there should be plenty of shifts in the dominant position.

The game also has some surprising content in customization options available for different playstyles. The official page advertises 10 different ‘Hacks’ available for player use, which are likely temporary or permanent special abilities that allow the player to perform certain actions or that give the player a form of buff or targeted debuff. Additionally, one’s avatar would seem to be customizable as well.

Atomega will be released on September 19 for PC at a digital price of $10. It’s unclear yet as to whether PS4 and Xbox One will get later ports as well (as Grow Up was released for both systems), but the PC version is all that has been announced thus far.

For more about Atomega, check out the announcement trailer below:

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