Wizards of the Coast Premiers New Digital Format for Magic: The Gathering

As the next major card game to hop on the digital-card-game train, Magic: The Gathering has revealed a more streamlined way to play with Magic: The Gathering Arena.


Two days ago, Wizards of the Coast hosted its World Premiere Stream for Magic: The Gathering Arena. The stream hosted professional players/streamers Jason “Amaz” Chan and Gaby Spartz in a series of showcase matches, displaying the game’s unique features as well as some new cards from the upcoming Ixalan set.

Now, the new’s game’s release isn’t to say Wizards of the Coast has entirely forgotten Magic: The Gathering Online, the first digital format for its popular card game. Rather, Magic: The Gathering Arena is meant to act as something of a companion to its more lifelike senior, with the special focus of Arena being Standard play and the hosting of tournaments for thousands of players to watch and stream.


Magic: The Gathering Arena certainly looks a little more immediately accessible than Magic Online. When in-play, the minions themselves are very reminiscent of Hearthstone’s, and the feel of the game is quite similar to something like Hex: TCG. It’s clear that Arena emulates some good examples and the beautiful new format is sure to attract some of the tabletop card game’s millions of fans.

Magic: The Gathering Arena isn’t the only card game to be announced recently. Last month, Valve unveiled their own title with Artifact, a card game based in the Dota universe. The digital card game is a very successful format currently and it attracts a lot of the eSports revenue and viewership.

It isn’t yet certain if Arena will be quite as successful as Hearthstone in that department, but the streamlined format is sure to attract a lot of attention in the future.

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