Next ARMS Update To Add Customizable Controls

After a month of teasing, Nintendo has revealed that the next big update for ARMS won’t just be adding the new fighter Lola Pop and a stage, but it will introduce customizable controls to the game as well.

First published by Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account last night, an English instructional video on the various ways that players will be able to adjust their button inputs is now posted. This Version 3.0 update looks to give fighters the controller freedom that they’ve heavily requested since the fighting title’s release back in mid-June.

In addition, for those who abandoned motion controls early on or even for those who may still use them regularly, users will finally be able to adjust the sensitivity of the joycon when using this format. This should allow for more precise movement, cutting down on those pesky accidental punches or grabs.

The ARMS Version 3.0 update — which plans to introduce these features, as well as Lola Pop, a new stage, and balance changes — is slated to drop sometime around the middle of this month. We reported on the initial reveal of the new clown character last month during Gamescom, and the details can be found here.

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