Is Peach Wearing An Evil Tiara In This New Super Mario Odyssey Artwork?

The official teaser website for Super Mario Odyssey was updated today with an interesting modification: Peach wearing a tiara with Cappy-esque eyes.

As seen above, a quick comparison of the two promotional images highlights the obvious difference of Peach wearing a new–and seemingly sentient — tiara. Peach now looks angrier as well, which pairs with the glare of her newfound headware. The only other “creature” seen so far in Super Mario Odyssey with these types of eyes has been Mario’s partner Cappy, who hails from the Cap Kingdom.

Knowing that there is a continent seemingly themed after caps and hats of all kind — and that Mario meets his new friend there — is it possible that Peach has either willingly or unwillingly been introduced to another similar character? No hints or confirmation have come out of Nintendo, but it at least appears that the plot may be thickening behind-closed-doors during the final months of development for the highly anticipated title.

Super Mario Odyssey is slated to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 27. Just a few days ago, we reported on the soft confirmation of three new kingdoms in the game via newly released images of Amiibo boxart.

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