Nioh’s Final DLC Launches This Month

It was announced this morning that Nioh’s next DLC, Bloodshed’s End, has finally been given a set release date.


The dark, Eastern-style action-RPG will wrap up its production of new content with Bloodshed’s End, the DLC to finish the game’s extended story. Bloodshed’s End will continue where the previous DLC, Defiant Honor, left off, at the last phase of the Sengoku-era and the beginning of another war.

Like the previously released DLC, Bloodshed’s End will introduce additional main missions, sub missions and Twilight missions into the game’s featured content. There should be plenty of new characters and new Yokai, in addition to the promised Guardian Spirits and new difficulty level.

Bloodshed’s End is notable in adding a new mode as well. The Abyss is described as a “perpetual battleground” by developer Team Ninja, and it sounds something like an arena mode, where the player fights their way through endless waves of enemies.

Bloodshed’s End is set to release this year on September 26. It will be available for $9.99 as separate DLC or as a free update for those who own the Season Pass.

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