New Catherine Game Teased During Atlus Livestream

Dream or nightmare? A sequel to the acclaimed puzzle/visual novel game Catherine may be in the works, according to hints from a recent livestream from developer Altus. 

Mainly intended to introduce the developer’s new Studio Zero division, the stream included interviews and testimonials from current employees all in hopes of attracting new recruits to the team. However, much to the surprise of viewers, the video was both opened and closed by Trisha — a character from Catherine

For the purposes of the footage, Trisha acts as the “host” of the program, leading into the interviews and putting the newest studio team on display. While their newest game — Project Re Fantasy — is not mentioned, Trisha returns to conclude the stream by saying she is excited for the title, yet also curious when she’ll get her next big chance. She jokes about being the heroine next time around, but then comments that a job notice has been left on her table. The full translated dialogue can be seen below:

By the way, I’m looking forward to the fantasy RPG of course…

But will there even be anything for me to do?

Maybe a lot of you are actually wondering?

This time, I will be the new heroine! Just kidding…

(Slight pause.)

Huh, the offer for my next job is on the table?

Catherine was originally released in 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The anime-esque title is known for its challenging and panic-inducing puzzles, dark scenarios, and somewhat twisted humor. 


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