Hearthstone: Nerfs Abound in Update 9.1

Yesterday, we published an article that speculated as to the nerfs that might be taking place with the Druid class, specifically as to what cards and when. But we had no idea it would happen so soon.


Several hours after our original article was written, a post was made on the official Hearthstone page chronicling the balance changes that will be made with the upcoming Update 9.1. While two Druid cards were included in the balance changes, so were a few other things we did not expect. At least, not right away.

In the Druid department, we were correct in noting that Spreading Plague might change. The Druid spell now costs 6 mana instead of its previous 5; a minor change, but one that might feel fairly relevant, considering the other card that was changed.

In a move that’s sure to sting for fans of the Druid class, Innervate has been reworked. Instead of gaining 2 mana crystals for one turn, Innervate now only gains 1 temporary mana crystal.


Whether or not Innervate will even be worth it anymore has yet to be seen. A single mana crystal might help in some situations, but two cards to gain the effect of a single pre-nerf Innervate? Surely, gone are the days of Turn-1 yetis, and Ramp Druid is sure to smart most of all.

In light of the changes to Innervate, Blizzard elected not to touch Ultimate Infestation. With the ability to only gain two additional mana crystals in a turn now, Ultimate Infestation is a card that should now always see much later play. Similarly, Innervate’s changes were the reason Spreading Plague only had a 1-mana cost change.

But Innervate wasn’t the only Basic set class card to get changed. In a surprising move, Blizzard also elected to change Fiery War Axe and Hex, each of which now cost one more mana.

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Murloc Warleader also had its second rework, in that it no longer grants friendly Murlocs an additional health point.

Of course, Mage isn’t safe either. Though not live at this moment, the post also tells us that changes will be coming to the notorious Ice Block with the first expansion release in 2018. They haven’t officially stated what they’ll do yet, but they did note this:

“Our general stance regarding Hall of Fame is that we want to avoid moving cards mid-year.”

Meaning Ice Block is a class card that is likely to be rotated out. Bye, OTK Mage.

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