Fire Emblem Heroes Updated to Version 1.7.0; Support System Added

Nintendo’s mobile hit Fire Emblem Heroes has just been updated to Version 1.7.0, adding a new support system as well as a couple other nifty features. 

The update was released to smart devices just as fan favorite Ike was claiming victory over Camilla in the final matchup in the game’s latest Voting Gauntlet. The patch notes for the newest version are as follows:

・ New Support gameplay feature added.

・ Added a way to view team names when selecting teams.

・ Added an option to search for Heroes by skill within Inherit Skill menu.

・ Added new options to the Settings menu.

・ Bug fixes.

So far, the addition of a Support system has proven to be quite interesting. Players now have two new options in the Advanced Growth section of the Allies menu: Ally Support and Summoner Support. Both of these features allow users to power up their favorite units, but in two different ways. 

For Ally Support, two characters are chosen to be placed into a “partnership” where different levels of “bonds” can be created. These bonds are created by having the heroes fight near each other, and can be strengthened over time — signified by a letter grade of either C, B, A, or S in ascending order. The higher the grade, the more advantages those two will receive while locked in combat near each other on the battlefield. Partners must always be within two spaces of each other to receive the buffs, but gain extra by being adjacent to one another. Finally, bond levels can only strengthen by defeating foes of level 35 or higher, and are reset if the user tries to have either character partner with someone else on their roster. 

As far as Summoner Support goes, the player only chooses a single ally for themselves — the summoner — to “partner” with. This ally will receive the same type of stat boosts that they would receive in Ally Support, as long as they are chosen as the sole support character. In this mode, all they have to do is defeat heroes of level 35 and up in order to boost Support Rank. Similar to Ally, this bond level will then be reset if they are switched off of being a Summoner Ally. 

Further details on the Support systems can be found in-game. At the start of the month, Nintendo also released this trusty schedule to outline what is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes over the next 24 days. These events look to include plenty of ways for fans to gain summoning orbs, challenge new and old heroes, and take on new maps — all leading up to the release of Fire Emblem Warriors in Japan on September 28, and North America on October 20

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