Sakura and Male Corrin Confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors; Class Change, Skills, History Mode Revealed

Following the recent Fates trend, both Sakura — the youngest Hoshidan sibling and priestess — and Male Corrin have been confirmed as playable in Fire Emblem Warriors.

The information has been teased as part of a preview of the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, who’s next issue drops tomorrow. Similar to Elise, who was revealed last week, Sakura looks to be trading in her healing properties for offensive ones in Warriors, as she clearly wields her bow from Fire Emblem Fates. This makes her the second archer character introduced to the beat-em-up tragedy game behind her brother, Takumi from Hoshido.

In addition and without much grandeur, a male variation of the Fates avatar character Corrin was stealthily revealed. Although no in-game screens of the character were shown, a diagram on the second page aligns him with his Hoshidan family, while his female counterpart is with the Nohrian bunch. It is doubtful that the two genders are any more than costume and palette swaps, but could this chart indicate that both with be part of the main story in some way? Or will the player be asked to choose a side, just like in Fates? No indications have been made quite yet.

More recently this morning, a third page of the Famitsu article was also scanned. It showcases what appears to be a Class Change and skill mapping system, staying faithful to the most recent main line Fire Emblem titles. This could potentially indicate the multitude of ways that players will be able to upgrade and adapt their heroes, possibly even changing their fighting style. It is unclear if skills will behave actively — as in being activated by the player in battle — or if they will simply be passive buffs placed on characters, similar to what was available in Hyrule Warriors after gathering specific materials.

Finally, early translations of the bottom portion of this page have revealed that a “History Mode” will be included in the game. This mode should allow Fire Emblem fans of both new and old to experience key moments in series history through the battling/gameplay style of the Warriors series. However, these moments will likely be limited to missions from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Awakening, or Fire Emblem Fates — as they are the only installments represented with playable characters so far. The screen used as an example explicitly features Chrom and Robin confronting Awakening villain Validar, although it is unknown if the sorcerer is actually playable or simply part of the dialogue.

Fire Emblem Warriors is set to release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20 in North America. More details on the special edition and all that comes with it can be found here.

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