Amiibo Boxart Seemingly Confirms Three New Kingdoms for Super Mario Odyssey

The names of three previously unannounced kingdoms have been found on newly released images of the Super Mario Odyssey line of Amiibo — likely confirming them for the upcoming adventure.

Thanks to the cyber-slueths of NeoGAF and YouTube, the names of “Snow Kingdom”, “Lake Kingdom”, and “Mushroom Kingdom” have all been desciphered from the boxart images put out by Nintendo today. In addition, a few of what are to be believed as city names have been located within some of the above mentioned areas.

While the amount of playable areas in Super Mario Odyssey has been up for debate since it’s original unveiling back in January, the number of confirmed kingdoms has likely now risen all the way to 10 — a stark contrast to those who originally feared the game would only feature four. These include:

  • Metro Kingdom
  • Sand Kingdom
  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Luncheon Kingdom
  • Cap Kingdom
  • Cascade Kingdom
  • Seaside Kingdom
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Snow Kingdom
  • Lake Kingdom

Although the Mushroom Kingdom is no surprise — and neither possibly is the Snow Kingdom — the Lake Kingdom could point to two water-based worlds, which is a rare break of pattern from past Mario titles.

A week ago, we reported on the above gameplay image, which accidentally confirmed the Seaside Kingdom’s existence in Super Mario Odyssey. With the hotly anticipated Switch title releasing next month on October 27, official word on these worlds should come sooner rather than later.

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