NBA2K18 Confirmed to Release on Switch 9/15 Digital; 10/17 Physical

The curious case of NBA2K18 on the Switch has finally been solved with confirmations of a digital release on September 15 and a physical release on October 17.

As published by both the North American and European Nintendo Twitter accounts, it has been confirmed that the same release dates also apply to the U.K.. This marks the end of a long, confusing saga in the popular basketball game’s development saga, as both versions of the game were originally intended to launch simultaneously, yet developer 2K Games delayed the physical release for unknown reasons. 

Potentially linked but not specified, it was confirmed that the box art of NBA2K18 would need to undergo a rebranding after cover athlete Kyrie Irving was traded recently from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics. The previous cover depicted the star in his Cavaliers jersey. 

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