Elise Confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Elise — The fourth and final royal sibling of the Nohrian empire from Fire Emblem Fates — has been confirmed as playable in Fire Emblem Warriors. 

The cleric-turned-fighter was revealed in a short video posted to developed Koei Tecmo’s YouTube channel earlier today. It shows off both some cinematic moments of Elise from the game, as well as elements of her gameplay style. 

Like her brothers Xander and Leo, Elise will charge into battle on horseback. Armed with her powerful staff, she can send volleys of magic energy through enemies, even summoning forth a lightning storm for crowd control. With her reveal, this leaves Sakura — the youngest Hoshidan sibling — as the lone remaining sibling from Fates to not yet be confirmed for Warriors. However, this makes her likely to be the next inclusion. 

As we reported a few days ago, Fire Emblem Warriors has been tabbed with an October 20 release date in North America on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS. At that time, a special edition of the Nintendo crossover Warriors game was announced, being priced out at $79.99 MSRP. 

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