Sonic Forces Releases November 7 in NA; $40 Physical Bonus Edition Announced

A western release date of November 7 has finally been confirmed for Sonic Forces — as well as the long rumored pre-order content, including avatar skins and controller decals.

SEGA revealed the details in a tweet published to the official Sonic the Hedghog Twitter account this morning. Although no word on a PC bonus edition yet, the console variants will include a Sonic and Infinite skin for their respective controllers, as well as in-game skins for the customizable character based on other SEGA/Atlus games such as Persona 5, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS, Super Monkey Ball, and Puyo Puyo. These skins will be the same across all consoles.

Pre-order Sonic Forces and receive the Bonus Edition! The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition comes with an exclusive controller skin and awesome in-game costumes for your custom character. The controller skin design transports you into Sonic’s universe, featuring Sonic and the mysterious new villain, Infinite. Plus, the costumes from games like Persona®5, Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball, NiGHTS and PuyoPuyo will transform your custom character to match characters from these iconic SEGA games.

Shockingly enough as well, it was also confirmed that the bonus edition for Sonic Forces will only carry a $39.99 MSRP price tag. It is unknown at this time whether or not a price drop will occur for a standard edition after release, but the game looks to be quite a solid deal already. 

Pre-orders are live already at GameStop, and are sure to go up on other retailers soon as well. Last week during Gamescom, we reported on the release date reveal of Sonic Forces in Japan, as well as the confirmation of a tag-team mode being present for certain levels of the game. 

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