Tokyo RPG Factory Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Lost Sphear

Tokyo RPG Factory revealed its next projects a few months ago, but it only just released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming Lost Sphear yesterday.


Lost Sphear will be the first physical Western release for Tokyo RPG Factory, which has previously only made a digital release in the West with the RPG I am Setsuna.

Lost Sphear is a new JRPG coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on January 23, 2018. Produced in part with Square Enix, Lost Sphear certainly has a pretty aesthetic similar to that of the Final Fantasy series or I am Setsuna.


The game’s story focuses on the vanishing of a world, whose people and places begin to disappear from reality. As a young man named Kanata, it is up to the player to awaken the power of capital-M ‘Memory’ to restore that which has been lost. The player will recruit the help of friends and party members along the way, and the game also advertises something called ‘Vulcosuits’, which are themselves something like large mechanized suits of armor.

The combat of Lost Sphear would seem to put a nice twist on what one might expect from a JRPG. Rather than simply selecting attacks and targets, a further step of interactivity is enabled in that the player must also select where to place those attacks, meaning AoE attacks in particular can be used more discriminately.


Those who pre-order Lost Sphear will also receive two soundtracks by Tomoki Miyoshi, the composer of I am Setsuna.

For more information about Lost Sphear, see the gameplay trailer below:

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