Super Meat Boy Forever Coming in 2018

As fresh as shrink wrapped beef: Super Meat Boy Forever — the sequel to the everlasting Super Meat Boy — is launching on a collection of platforms in 2018.

Kicking off today’s Nindies Showcase video presentation, developer Team Meat’s sequel to the precision platformer of 2010 looks sure to have gamers shouting at their televisions all over again. With familiar movement options such as slides, wall jumps, and punches, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must this time save their child Nugget from the clutches of the nefarious Dt. Fetus.

While the title is set to release on all current gen consoles, PC, IOS, and Android,  fans already had questions about a timetable for release of the Nintendo Switch’s version of Super Meat Boy Forever in relation to the original Super Meat Boy, which is also slated for launch on the hybrid console. Thankfully, Team Meat has already gone out of their way to answer those concerns.

Although no release date beyond the “2018” window was given, it appears that Super Meat Boy Forever may see an exclusive first release on Nintendo Switch, according to the Nindie Showcase. However, no confirmation has come from Team Meat at this time. 

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