Our First Look at the Gameplay of Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Shovel Knight’s final campaign debuts its demo at PAX West this week, and as part of the festivities, we got to see video revealing some of Shovel Knight: King of Cards’ first-seen gameplay.


Though less than a minute long, the video reveals some pretty exciting details. For one, the game looks every bit as fantastic as the previous campaigns. King of Cards brings its own grand style to the table, its gilded nature just as warm as it is flashy.

It’s been revealed already that King Knight’s story will be a prequel to the events of Shovel of Hope, like the previously released Specter of Torment. However, the new gameplay video tells us that this story won’t necessarily include the other knights of the Order of No Quarter. We do see a moment of Specter Knight battling King Knight, but new information tells us that King Knight’s quest focuses on obtaining the kingdom he has in Shovel of Hope. This quest will take players through four new worlds and more than 30 new courses, as King Knight looks to defeat the three kings of the land.


King Knight, like the others, also has his own special abilities and unique playstyle. Of the few we see in the video, we know that King Knight has a charge attack, a pirouette attack from above (probably similar to Shovel Knight’s downward attack), as well as a hammer and an attack rat that appear to use the campaign’s equivalent of mana.

Of course, new moves aren’t all. King of Cards, true to its name, introduces a never-before-seen card game to Shovel Knight. It would appear that the object of the game is to place tiles representing minions until one claim the crystal square somewhere in the center of the map. Each card appears to have directional arrows based on its type, which determine how it affects the board state.


The video tells us that these card games will be played against “future subjects”, but we don’t yet know how this will play out in the game’s story exactly.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is said to release in early 2018, as both a standalone game (available for $9.99) and as a free update with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It will be available on all platforms Shovel Knight is currently made for, including Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

For more information, watch the video in full below:

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