Inti Creates Announces New Action RPG, ‘Dragon: Marked for Death’

As part of the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase for this summer, developer Inti Creates announced its newest project, Dragon: Marked for Death.

Dragon: Marked for Death is a side-scrolling action RPG that is set to be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Its story is set in a dark fantasy world, with dragons playing a special role in granting the players special powers in the form of four classes: warrior, shinobi trickster, witch and “empress of attack power” (it isn’t clear what this class is named just yet).

UPDATE: Dragon: Marked for Death will also be coming to Nintendo 3DS. The announcer in the Nindies video specifically only mentions the Switch version, but a press release confirms the existence of the 3DS version.

COUNTER-UPDATE: Inti Creates has now explicitly stated that there will not be a Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon: Marked for Death. The official PDF mistakenly stated there would be, but Inti Creates recently cleared up the confusion on Twitter. Dragon: Marked for Death will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Dragon: Marked for Death is particularly notable in that it has local and online co-op for up to four players, meaning a group can take on each of the four class roles. Each class would seem to be highly specialized, so it may be that multiplayer is the ideal play format for the game.


It isn’t entirely clear how each class works just yet, but from the video we can surmise that the witch functions as a mage/healer, the shinobi as the classic rogue, the warrior as a tank/damage-dealer, and the “empress” likely as a glass cannon of sorts. In the video we can see a few of the presumably class-specific abilities, as with the warrior blocking attacks and the “empress” building what appears to be some form of charge attack.

The game’s story claims to feature over 30 unique quests, providing “hours and hours of action to fight through.”

Dragon: Marked for Death has a tentative release date for this winter.

See the video in the original Twitter post below:

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