Does Lucina’s New Weapon in Fire Emblem Heroes Hint at a Future Anime? 

A brave new weapon and a crazy new question: Translators believe text on Lucina’s new lance may foretell a Fire Emblem anime project in the works. 

Thanks to some handy sluethwork from both NeoGAF and Reddit, it appears that there is actually a slight chance that the new artwork that is part of Fire Emblem Heroes’ Brave Heroes event is more than some flashy aesthetics — specifically when it comes to a certain time traveling warrior princess. 

According to several diehard fans of the series, the encryption on Lucina’s new weapon — titled “Geirskogul” — matches an alphabet that was revealed as part of Fire Emblem Awakening’s concept art prior to its release on the Nintendo 3DS. Utilizing this key, many users have roughly deciphered the phrase “Animeprojectsuccess” from the glyphs, throwing the Fire Emblem community into a whirlwind of speculation over the series’ future.

While an anime project has certainly been a dream to many fans over the years, the last legitimate project was a two-part OVA Fire Emblem series all the way back in 1996.  Because of this rumor’s exclusivity to the character Lucina –as well as the supposed use of assets from Fire Emblem Awakening — many seem to agree that the most likely scenario this time around would be an animation based on the 2012 Nintendo 3DS game that arguably revitalized the franchise into the megahit that it has become today. 

Needless to say, this is all loaded speculation until official confirmation comes from Nintendo. What is known for sure is that the Brave Heroes event — celebrating the four most fan popular heroes in series history — is set to debut in Fire Emblem Heroes this Thursday, August 31. More details, as well as an overview trailer, can be found here

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