Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Saiyan Blue Revealed

A recent trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ has confirmed the appearance of one of the series’ most powerful forms, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, more conveniently known as Super Saiyan Blue.


Super Saiyan Blue was announced by Bandai Namco US in a Twitter post, with an indication that the form will be unlockable in-game. The Twitter also confirms that those who pre-order Dragon Ball FighterZ, in either the Collector’s Edition or regular edition formats, will have Super Saiyan Blue accessible from the very start of the game. By extension, this likely means that the transformation will only be unlocked otherwise through some achievement in the game’s story mode.

Super Saiyan Blue isn’t the first top-tier transformation to be revealed in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as we have already seen Golden Frieza and there have been some rumors of Goku Black’s appearance, who would likely bring his own Super Saiyan Rosé.


While this is currently only speculation, it is possible that each of these forms could be unlocked through story mode playthroughs with the characters. We don’t know much about the story mode yet, beyond that it has something to do with Android 16’s resurrection and the invasion of a mysterious army.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a current release date set in February 2018, with system releases for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC planned.

For more information, watch the SSGSS trailer below:

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