Recap: FEH Channel Broadcast – Choose Your Legends

Fire Emblem Heroes — the hit mobile strategy title from Nintendo — will be receiving new content to match up with the results of the Choose Your Legends event prior to the game’s release.

Hot off the heels of the one anniversary month for the game, Nintendo published a special FEH channel broadcast tonight to finally spill the beans further on the purpose of the Choose Your Legends event held over a year ago. 

During the event, Fire Emblem fans both new and old cast votes for their favorite characters across the series’ rich history, with the promise that special commemorative in-game outfits would be designed for the top two characters of each gender. At last, these outfits have been revealed, including new class types and weapons for Ike, Roy, Lyn, and Lucina.

Details for each character’s new weapon and abilities can be seen in the video above. To mark this special occasion, it was revealed that the new variants of each hero will be part of an upcoming summoning focus titled “Brave Heroes” beginning August 31, where players will be able to hand pick their free summon for the first time, selecting their favorite one of the four. Afterwards, they will then be forced to try and summon the others by grinding orbs, as per usual.

To top it all off, it was also announced that the top four male heroes will be facing off against the top four female heroes from the Choose Your Legends event as part of a new Voting Gauntlet debuting on August 31 as well. Players will be able to battle it out in support of their favorite hero from the eight most popular in series history, in hopes of receiving some tantalizing rewards. 

A month ago, we reported on the surprising overall sales success that Fire Emblem Heroes has become, pulling in a whopping $100 million in total revenue. 

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