Metroid: Samus Returns Overview and Aeion Abilities

Nintendo recently released a new video providing us with another glimpse into the world and story of the upcoming Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS.


The video begins by introducing us to the familiar story of Metroid II: Return of Samus, the same story that carries over into the new Samus Returns. Samus is sent to SR388, the Metroid homeworld, with the objective of destroying the Metroid race, which has been deemed too dangerous to let live.

We also get to see the return of some of Samus’ more familiar tools and techniques, and the video highlights the classic Morph Ball and the recurrent Ice Beam and Grapple Beam. But along with some things we’ve come to expect from Metroid titles, we get to see cool new toys as well.


Samus Returns is unique in that it establishes the mechanic of Aeion Abilities, an umbrella term that covers four specific abilities. The following is a short description of each:

  • Scan Pulse: Releases a burst of energy that scans the area, revealing any hidden paths on Samus’ map
  • Lightning Armor: Generates a temporary shield that damages enemies and negates physical attacks
  • Beam Burst: Increases the firing rate of Samus’ arm cannon, releasing huge bursts of projectiles
  • Phase Drift: Slows down time in a wide area around Samus, enabling precision jumps and attacks

Each of these abilities shares the same Aeion energy pool, which is something certainly new to the remake. Also new is the Melee Counter, which, when timed perfectly, interrupts enemy physical attacks and enables Samus to counterattack.

Samus Returns is set to release for 3DS on September 15. This is along with the recently revealed Samus Edition 3DS XL and the Collector’s Edition for the game.

For more information, see the video in full below:

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