Sonic Forces OST: Vs. Metal Sonic Remix

SEGA hasn’t let up on releasing new OST tracks at all, this time publishing yet another heart-pumping track from Sonic Forces — the theme for Metal Sonic.

With Sonic Mania releasing to co soles last week, SEGA admitted that primary focus will start turning towards Forces. This Gamescom has not disappointed, with new info and gameplay for the upcoming game being published each day. Today, this includes the new remixed track, which seems to give a twist on the metal rival’s theme from Sonic Generations

In addition, first direct-feed footage of the new tag team mode mechanic has been published, giving fans a look at how Modern Sonic and the avatar will Join forces to tear through certain levels. 

Yesterday, we reported on Sonic Forces getting a November 9 release date confirmed for Japan. No other region has yet been confirmed, but the title will release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

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