Sonic Forces Launches November 9 in Japan; New Tag Team Mode Revealed

SEGA has confirmed that Sonic Forces — the second game starring Sonic the Hedgehog coming this year — will release on November 9 in Japan. 

The release date was confirmed as part of a story done by Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. While no other region’s date has been confirmed at this time, multiple sources out of Gamescom have heard of Europe sharing the November 9 date — with one going so far as to call it a “global release”.

In addition, it was revealed that some stages in Forces will require what is called a “tag team mode” that will involve both Modern Sonic and the customizable avatar character. According to SEGA, these levels will allow players to control both characters at once, utilizing each’s special abilities to traverse obstacles and take down enemies using combo attacks. One translation also mentions that the boosts of both characters can be used simultaneously to go above and beyond normal boost limits as Modern Sonic.

The article also reiterated some story elements of the game, once again stating that Eggman has somehow managed to take over 99% of the world with the help of series rivals Shadow, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Zavok, and the newest villain: Infinite. Previously, we reported on a short story trailer published by SEGA focusing on Infinite, as well as an OST clip from the game highlighting his theme.

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