Hearthstone’s Epic One-Million-Hitpoint Boss Battle

Yesterday, at Gamescom, Hearthstone’s first real boss raid was unveiled. And it was seen in a special Tavern Brawl that pitted players against a Lich King with one million health.


Of course, it wasn’t a task Blizzard expected one to complete alone. This unique Tavern Brawl pitted all players in attendance at Gamescom against the same Lich King, across multiple days and playtimes. All players were expected to deal one million together, in a grand cumulative total.

The Brawl is also new in encouraging local cooperative play. Towards the start of the fight, a message appears that tells players this Tavern Brawl is “best played by two players seated side-by-side.” After one player eventually dies, the other then gets their turn, with the option to discover a new class.

The rules for the Brawl are such that all decks for all classes are pre-made and all characters start at 9 mana with 20 health. The Lich King himself has some pretty overpowered unique cards, and his hero power changes based on the state of the game. But over the course of over 14,000 games and two days, Hearthstone players in attendance managed to defeat the boss.

There were plenty of Hearthstone pros present to take on Arthas at this year’s largest Fireside Gathering and the video below showcases Hearthstone streamer Jeffrey Shih’s (better known as “Trump”) attempts to rack as much damage as possible during the final phase of the Lich King boss raid on the second day.

(Note: Be warned; the video does suffer some minor lag issues, due to the sheer number of players active at the time.)

The video showcases a Tavern Brawl we’ve never seen the likes of in Hearthstone before. But the wait might not be too long; this specific battle will be available for hosting at other Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings in the future.

Regardless of whether or not one gets to play it, the Arthas ‘Super-Brawl’ represents an exciting new direction for Hearthstone and future Tavern Brawls. Boss raids are themselves a key feature of World of Warcraft and many fans are excited to finally see them represented in Hearthstone, the card game that owes everything to the Blizzard MMORPG.

The Brawl continues throughout the rest of Gamescom 2017 and, with luck, the greater Hearthstone community might not wait to experience it for much longer after.

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