Video: SNES Classic Edition Features Trailer – Rewind, Borders, and Suspend Points

Nintendo has unveiled some of the features for the upcoming SNES Classic Edition as part of a new trailer oozing with 90’s themed nostalgia.

Following a trailer for the Super Famicom out of Japan last night, Nintendo of America has published their own version of the commercial today. It provides footage of the games included in the console, gives hopeful consumers their first look at the main menu, and details multiple new, useful features.

Unique to the SNES Classic, players will be able to rewind on the fly in order to redo or correct the last few seconds of gameplay. Paired with saved suspend points, this will allow users to more precisely and conveniently navigate their way through each game with as little error as possible. In addition, a selection of borders will be available to fill out the remaining space on the screen surrounding the game display. 

Seperately from Nintendo themselves, numerous media outlets have gotten hands-on time with the system. This includes time spent playing the finalized localization of StarFox 2 — 21 years after its original intended release. Short gameplay footage from Game Informer’s coverage can be seen above. 

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