Video: Camilla, Leo, Hinoka, and Takumi Revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo has revealed a slew of Fire Emblem Fates characters set for inclusion in Fire Emblem Warriors — being Camilla, Leo, Hinoka, and Takumi. 

The siblings of the rival Fates families were revealed today as part of Nintendo’s Gamescom coverage. The trailer is seemingly composed entirely of story cinemamatics, with separate gameplay footage sure to come later. Noticeably missing from the bunch are younger sister healer class characters from both sides, Sakura and Elise. 

Each sibling looks to reprise their familiar roles from Fates, with Camilla as a Wyvern Knight, Hinoka as a Pegasus Knight, Leo as a Dark Mage, and Takumi as a Sniper. Each looks to be bringing something new to the table that has yet to be seen in the Warriors roster, 

In addition, it has also been revealed that Fire Emblem Warriors — as well as the new Chrom and Tiki  amiibo — are set to release on Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Europe on October 20. The region will also be receiving the same collector’s edition box set that has been confirmed for Japan, which includes a three-disc soundtrack as well as character art cards. 

Although this information was not confirmed for North America, it is likely that details will be known soon in regards to a release date or any plans for a special edition. 

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