New Regular and Salmon Run Stages, Bubble Blower Special Coming to Splatoon 2

Two new stages — one for the regular rotation and one for Salmon Run — have been fully revealed for Splatoon 2, as well as a new special weapon. 

Detailed as part of a new developer update video posted to Nintendo’s YouTube channel today, the previously teased sailboat stage — dubbed “Manta Maria” — will be updated into the Turf War and Ranked Battle stage rotations starting this Saturday, August 26. The video shows more areas of the boat than previously seen, labeling the masts as major battleground areas.

Then, for the hotly contested Salmon Run mode, the new stage titled “Lost Outpost” has been unveiled. This map will first be updated and available for local multiplayer starting tomorrow, but will then be part of the online Salmon Run stage rotation going forward. 

In addition to these new stages, it was also announced that a new special weapon in the form of the Bubble Blower will be available starting September 2 as part of the loadout for the Forge Splattershot Pro. This ability allows a player to exhaust their special gauge when filled by releasing up to three large bubbles in the air. When shot by the user’s team ink, the bubbles will then explode, releasing a large amount of ink in the surrounding area. If shot by the other team, however, these bubbles will disappear rather quickly. 

Previously, we reported on a massive Splatoon 2 leak at the hands of data miners that disclosed early evidence supporting the release of these two stages. 

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