Lola Pop Revealed as the Next ARMS Character

The heavily hinted at new fighter for ARMS has finally been revealed as Lola Pop — a clown street performer who is rising the ranks in the ARMS circuit.

In a short trailer published to Twitter, it is confirmed that the setting teased at this previous week is indeed a new stage coming to the fresh fighting game as well. Both the colorful new fighter and stage look to introduce new unique elements as part of the next update. A quick note was given by Nintendo on their official Facebook page:

The street performing pugilist Lola Pop, a well-traveled clown with a personality as colorful as her clothing, will soon join the ARMS roster as part of the next free update!

Lola Pop’s key ability is inflating her body like a balloon, providing her with great defensive qualities. Plus, she brings three new ARMS and a new stage!

While no release date for the new ARMS version was given, it likely won’t be a long wait given then the last couple weeks of hints and the fact that gameplay of the new character appears rather crisp. 

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