New Overwatch Map and Animated Short to be Revealed Next Week

Developer Blizzard has revealed that both a new map and a new animated cinematic are set to be unveiled for the hit shooter Overwatch next week during Gamescom.


As part of a news update to their website today, the popular development team laid out what fans could expect from them during the upcoming trade show in Cologne, Germany. Specifically for Overwatch, the schedule includes two world premieres: A new map on Monday before the show and a new animated short on Wednesday during the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony.  Although a release time for the map preview on Monday is unavailable, the Reveal Ceremony should be streamed at 11 AM Central Time/6 PM Central European Summer Time according to the official Blizzard at Gamescom 2017 schedule.


  • Visitors to the Blizzard booth will be able to experience a brand-new Overwatch map—tune in to our preview video on Monday when details will be revealed.
  • The world premiere of a new Overwatch animated short will take place on our main stage and via live stream during the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on Wednesday.
  • We’ll be showcasing some impressive Doomfist cosplay on our main stage on Wednesday.
  • The German voice actors from Overwatch will be doing a live performance on Thursday.
  • Overwatch FX Artist Rachel Day will be presenting her work on the making of Doomfist live on Friday.
  • Members of the German Overwatch World Cup team will be doing an on-stage panel on Saturday.

While no details are known in regards to the short, dataminers have found a voiceline within the code of the game’s latest patch that suggests which map may be revealed on Monday. According to Tumblr user Aku no Homu, a previously unrecognized announcer voiceline stating “Welcome to Junkertown” was found within the title’s audio files. As the name suggests, this map would most likely be based on a region of Australia, where the bombastic character Junkrat originates.

Although not confirmed, a reveal of Junkertown as a new map could point to the cinematic focusing on and diving deeper into the lore of the deadly bomb wielder — as well as his partner in crime Roadhog. At last year’s Gamescom, a similar pattern was followed, with the map Eichenwalde being revealed alongside the cinematic “The Last Bastion”, which loosely focused on the same castle region.

Last week, we reported on the introduction of the Deathmatch mode variant coming to Overwatch soon, as well as the numerous buffs given to several characters on the Public Test Region as part of the latest game patch.

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