My Thoughts on the New Undertale Port

Some two years after its initial release, Undertale was re-released in a new port for PS4 and PS Vita this past Tuesday.


The new system release came the same day as the release of a Japanese localization, something Japanese fans had been waiting to see for a long time. In sum, the three new Undertale ports share the same features, and they’re all equally exciting to see.

When Undertale first released, it released to an outpouring of adoration rarely seen, shared in recent times only by things like Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty. There was and still is plenty of fan art, with the recent versions bringing some new life to all the Twitter posts.

For those who have played Undertale, it’s a nice chance to revisit a beloved title. And for those who haven’t, there’s a new opportunity to play it now.

To be honest, the new ports aren’t that earth-shatteringly different from the original PC and Mac releases. Mostly, there’s some new lines thrown in here and there, but there are a few other neat features that have been added.

For one, the aspect ratio of the original release has been kept in the ports. This means that there’s a good bit of extra space on most TVs still, which is filled up in these ports by adjustable backgrounds.

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There’s a ‘dynamic’ function too that allows these backgrounds to change based on what area you’re in. It’s not a huge feature, but it’s a nice touch of style.

There’s also a new secret room for players to find. Known as the ‘Dognation Shrine’, it’s a room that features a shrine with a picture of the Undertale dog at its center. It can be leveled up with donations, but it has no function other than being a pleasant (and time-consuming) diversion.

Tied with these ‘dognations’ are the new Playstation trophies made for the port, which feature Toby Fox’s sense of humor as well.


The new Undertale ports aren’t necessarily themselves anything new. But they add a little something to the experience of Undertale and they allow a greater range of players to try that experience. The PS4 and PS Vita are also much more accessible to the younger generation than playing games on computers, and the new ports might mean a new crowd can actually grow up with the game.

Furthermore, it’s a further sign that well-loved games can be re-released; re-mastered, re-done; and be done so successfully, with players ready to support them. Everybody loves new games.

But sometimes it’s nice to get back to something you once loved, and to experience it again as if it were new.

The new port of Undertale is available on the PS4 and PS Vita for a digital price of $14.99 and a retail price of $24.99. Additionally, a collector’s edition is available for a retail price of $64.00, which includes a soundtrack CD, a special locket and a booklet of illustrations and art.

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