New Trailer Highlights Story of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Today, Marvel vs. Capcom released a new trailer highlighting the story of the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.


Dubbed the “Full Story Trailer” on its official YouTube page, the two-minute and thirty-second trailer features a large portion of the fighting game’s roster. In addition, to Hulk, Ryu, and Iron Man, we see the more recently announced Ghostrider, alongside what appears to be a very large superhero team formed to counter the villains of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

We already knew something about the role of Ultron Sigma in this title, but it would seem Jedah is pretty important as well. While Ultron Sigma has obtained two of the Infinity Stones, Jedah has worked with “other villains”—likely Dormammu and Firebrand—to create a beast that appears to be based off the Venom symbiote.


While the beast isn’t official confirmation of Venom’s appearance in Infinite, popular speculation is that he will be included as one of the game’s six DLC characters, alongside Sigma and Black Panther.

It would seem that the story is based around obtaining the rest of the Infinity Stones in order to defeat Ultron Sigma and his armies. It’s a means for Marvel vs. Capcom to show off the new mechanics the Stones bring, as well as for introducing players to how they might work in competitive play. Though we don’t know much about the story beyond the video yet, it’s possible Jedah and the symbiote beast are part of the Infinity Stone fetch quest.

Other highlights include the appearance of Spider-Man in his symbiote costume, what appears to be some fairly epic battle sequences, and Rocket being Rocket.

See the new story trailer in full below:



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