Video: First Gameplay Footage of Female Robin in Fire Emblem Warriors

Developer Koei Tecmo has released gameplay footage of yet another character in the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors — this time focusing on Female Robin. 

Published today, the footage shows the character using her tomes and mags powers to easily dismiss a horde of enemies. While her moveset appears to be the same as her male counterpart — Male Robin — it is yet to be seen if there will be variations at all or if they are simply gender appearance swaps.

Intriguingly enough, the trailer begins with Female Robin performing the same cutscene animation that has been shown for Male Robin in the past, so it is highly likely that the latter is the case, and that the gender is a costume variant. It is unknown if the cutscenes shown is part of a battle intro, however, or a section of story cinematic.

Fire Emblem Warriors is set to launch in Japan on September 28, with a North American launch soon to follow. A week ago, we reported on the first gameplay footage shown off for Cordelia — the first Pegasus Knight class character debuted for the game. 

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