Nintendo Gives Another Tease at The Next ARMS Character

Nintendo is once again teasing the new fighter coming as part of the next ARMS update, this time showing off grainey footage of the character in action. 

The short GIF published to the official ARMS twitter account shows two fighters battling it out in what loosely appears to be the supposed new stage that we reported on a couple days ago. No other fruitful details were given via the translation, only that the fighter focused on in the footage is an “up and coming star”.

Due to the blurry nature of the gameplay, it is still difficult to determine the theme behind the new brawler’s identify or arm set. The individual’s legs appear to be blob-like and bouncy, similar to the character Helix, but that is all there is to go off of at this time. 

Needless to say, Nintendo seems to be ramping up the hype for this fighter rather quickly, so it is likely that even more information will be shared soon. The initial revealed that a new addition to the roster would be coming with the next update came no longer than eight days ago, with now multiple hints coming since. 

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